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This tutorial was created by Rapsody on November 30, 2011.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely a coincidence.
You may share this tut but please share the only the link, thank you

I am using PSP 12 but any version should work!

We are using the amazing art of
Steve Baier you must have a license to use this tube. Shawn’s tubes can purchased at UpYourArt
This fab scrap kit by Dark Moons Dreams can be purchased at Heart Felt Perfections  Thank you Dani
This gorgeous mask can be found Moon Beams and Spider Webs Thanks so much Staci

We will be using:
Frame 02
Flower 01
Ball 01
Ball 02
**After you use each element close it so you have a clean workspace.
Font: I used Jackie O (size 125) but any pretty script font will work.
Okay, let’s get started!
*Find PP01, duplicate, then apply your mask as a new layer, merge group. Leave this for now as we will get it in a few minutes.
*Open a canvas 800 x600 flood fill white. I like to have the white so I can see my creation better as I work on it.  We will delete this later.
*Copy Frame 02 and paste as a new layer.
*Return to your white layer and paste paper PP04 as a new layer.  Move so you have the wordage showing where you like. 
*Move up to your frame layer, with your selection tool go around the frame, invert selection, delete.  Now you have your frame inside your paper.
*Return to your white layer, get your mask image and paste as a new layer, re-size 85% move to the outer/upper right, duplicate layer, mirror and position to your liking.
*Go to your frame layer and add your tube to one of the frames, I re-sized the bonus layer to 65%, add white drop shadow at 40% opacity, 12 blur.
*Repeat the last step for the other side.
*Copy Flower 01, rotate 90 left, move to bottom center of frame.
*Go back to your upper tube layer and add Ball 01 rotate left then duplicate and mirror position to your liking.
*Copy and paste Ball 2 rotate 60%, duplicate then mirror.  Copy and paste as a new layer if you would like it like I did in 3 places.
*Go back to the top layer, and add Bow 02 to the center of the frame add your white drop shadow with the same settings as before
*Make sure everything is where you like it, then delete the bottom white layer, and merge visible, select all, float, crop to selection. 
*Re-size 80%.
*Apply your copyright, url, and license number.
*Add names, using your Jackie O, using off white from your tube and a gold gradient, use the drop shadow from above.
*Save as a PNG, you are done, YAY

Thank you for visiting and doing this tutorial, I hope you found it enjoyable. I would love to see your results and I welcome any suggestions at


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